Invitro encouragement

Ugh!!! Oh the agony, how I remember all the tests the waiting, nervously. So I’m helping a friend trying to staying positive while beginning this process. As anyone who has been through this knows it makes you a hormonal, freak, that even you don’t recognize. Is the nerves added with the extra power shots??? Who knows but it is like the Hulk and If the hubby sticks around he wants this baby really bad!!!!

Does anyone have any out of body experiences I can share with my friends!! To cheat her up!!!


When is it time……

My Riggsy is 6 now his surrogate called at Christmas we have a great relationship. I think she has had more of a time than has let on. My two older children know I didn’t have Riggs but they actually saw a baby on ultrasound in my tummy that they think is Riggs. Long story One of God’s miracles but didn’t quite work out.. but Riggs hasn’t a clue. When and how am I gonna approach this subject….. just my thought of the day as I’m kissing my babies off to school!!!!

Side note the funny Riggsy story of the day is he got a new pair of crocs for Christmas with the fur lining. Didn’t think about how hot natured he is……Warning do not let your child that has sweaty feet wear fur lined crocs!!! He purposely took his shoes off in the car and put them on his sister and I thought she was gonna faint………In 30 degree weather we rode home with the windows and sunroof down as he was belly laughing…….


Wow, it is never dull around my house or in my life as in so many of ours and sometimes we just have to stop and take some time to breathe. That’s actually why I decided to write this blog!! I really don’t even know what I am doing. Heard you (if your lucky) could make a few bucks which would be wonderful so I could hide that from my hubby and get the botox that is so needed due to my precious baby angel Riggsy which you will hear plenty and I do mean plenty about in my blogs. I hope my blog will entertain and offer some encouragement and advice. I and my family have been through alot for basically a young family, I know I am dont know about the rest of them. Had many unfortunate events and bumps in the road from early on in our marriage even today. We have suffered the loss of stillborn babies, went through in vitro, and surrogency so I hope my story can reach some women as well as men who may need to be touched.